Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Okay, some of you may have know, that I am discontinuing 3 my stories, Clear Lies,P.S. I Hate You, and Somebody who Could, due to my laptop's hardrive being fried. Well since I made the thread to let MY READERS know about this happening. EA decide to ban my account, it didn't say for how long. But you know the reason behind it? BOARD DISTRUPTION: BUMP VIOLATION. Only ONCE did I bump that thread. YOU EA WILL BAN ME? ME! Of all the people, why not those stupid ass trolls on the forums who are newbies, yet you ban me, who writes stories for your users and hasn't done anything harm to you guys.

Tell me how many times I wrote bump on this thread

Did I ever made one complaint thread to you guys? Nah, I guess you check that one. Have I always keep my opinions on a certain level, trying not to disturb other's opinions. Oh look, anothing check mark. Have I ever, AND I MEAN EVER, decide to "Hey maybe let me troll today?" Uh looky here, 3 Check marks for Lindsey(:

So, first of all, detail your emails on the REAL reason why I was banned, and the real reason why aI should come back to your site. Name the last time I was on your site since that thread? Maybe like a month? Nice greeting coming back to your site. Pathetic.


  1. Oh my god! you did nothing wrong! EA is a huge bad word.

  2. SolitaryFriendshipsJuly 1, 2010 at 6:46 PM

    thats horrrible im tired of EA banning people for no good reason at all, its like all the guru's do is search for people to ban >.<

    btw, where did you get that bow for your simself?