Sunday, May 9, 2010

EA, Sit down and Listen

Ea, What the hell. Why are you deleteing my stories? She was effin drinking juice! Not whatever you guys thought. And so what if she was "drunk" and Hayden used her. You guys probally won't even get that done to you xD lmao. Anyways,the stupid storymaker refreshed on me 4 times for that chapter. Go ahead EA, delete the stories that I make on your site. I don't mind. But the fans do.

I do have patience, but my face right now ain't taking the patience now. Like an hour wasted on a chapter on a Saturday. I mean really? That hour I could've been going to a game for school or hanging with my friends, but you and you're looking asses(that a word?) Come in all macho and all deleting my stories. Stop getting all boss with me and start sniffing chilli powder. Cause you're getting on my nerves.


  1. Heya Pink! Don't worry about the rant. Glad you got a blog. Following =). And also, the party pics are up. Your simself was unfindable in my sim bin for some reason, so I used your Madeline Oplin. Here's the link.

  2. Thanks turtle, I saw the party, it's hilarious. No prob about my Sims, it happens. Glad you're following, I myself is trying to learn how to follow. ahahaha.

  3. Pink,don't worry.EA is just a bunch of deleters =D But I really like your stories and sims.Can you follow me?I have no followers =(
    lol anyway,you are a great writer.I'm going to use some of your sims for my stories =D
    You are AWESOME!

  4. Thats good that you like my stories and sims, but you didn't ask if you could use my sims in your stories? You just decided on your own

  5. Plus why should I ask you to use your sims?


  6. Well, uh. It the sims I made. But next time just ask :) But atleast give credit. But no copying other peoples work. I know what happend last time when I wasn't on ;(